David Attenborough for a Week

Two common sayings have been running through my mind for the past week. Necessity is the mother of invention. Survival of the fittest. Nature is brutal and amazing all at the same time, and taught my family a few things this week. Last Friday, our family found 4 baby birds lying on the ground near a bush in our yard. These featherless chicks were strewn … Continue reading David Attenborough for a Week

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The Shoe Game (a cheap dad’s perspective)

(Yes the shoes above are signed, game-worn Ron Anderson Pony basketball shoes. Read more to find out why anyone would ever consider putting them in a blog post.) A long time ago, before Zappos and even Dick’s Sporting Goods, there were mom and pop sporting goods stores that were basically the only place to get what you needed for the upcoming season. When I was … Continue reading The Shoe Game (a cheap dad’s perspective)

The number one job is taking care of each other

What if that were the mantra for a school? What if kids were able to go through a day thinking that it was as important for them to help others as it was to learn some skill or connect with their friends? How would your teaching or learning improve if you know that it was critically important to everyone else that you were taken care … Continue reading The number one job is taking care of each other

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Teaching like Questlove

Quest Love is my favorite drummer. Truthfully, I don’t know a lot about drummers, and I don’t really love his drumming. I don’t even know enough about drumming to love anyone’s drumming. I do like The Roots and I love watching them on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. What makes him my favorite drummer, though, is that he does so much besides drumming. I’m pretty … Continue reading Teaching like Questlove