Having difficult conversations with your children

This is the version of a letter I wrote this past Monday night for my school community as I thought about this last week’s events and particularly our students and children and how we speak with them. As a teacher, and now as an administrator with the role of supporting students socially and emotionally, these thoughts are based on my experiences in our school and classrooms. Dear Friends, I imagined that many of you, like me, have had a heavy heart over the last week. For those of us with children of any age, we think about what the future … Continue reading Having difficult conversations with your children

“I love my feelings!” books of 2019

As I completed my yearly self-imposed reading challenge, I thought it made sense to share a few of my favorites with others. Using GoodReads to log my completed books, the 5 star ratings are helpful, but rarely feel right. When I started writing this set of reviews, they had a similarly traditional feel, but still didn’t feel right. I had to look for inspiration elsewhere and luckily, my three-year-old niece provided. This Christmas, while opening her presents, she exclaimed, “I love my feelings! I love my heart!” I think this is the little kid equivalent of tears of joy. Using … Continue reading “I love my feelings!” books of 2019