My name is Chris Loeffler. I am a teacher, coach, father, sibling, Friend, and more. For the past twelve years, I have taught at Wilmington Friends School, mostly in third grade, with the last two years in fifth. I have coached football and basketball, as well as a little soccer and baseball, with students from 4 years old to college. Fortunately, I am able to call these passions my job and love the opportunity to work with children.

Most recently, I have been motivated by the teaching of John Hunter; the writing of authors like David Jardine, Carol Dweck, and Malcolm Gladwell; podcasts like Code Switch, Freakonomics, and How I Built This; events like EdCamp and EduCon; educational ideas like Genius Hour and Design Thinking; as well as anything else that seems to cross my path. I love to find current events, recent reading, conversations with colleagues, and imagine how they can make the classroom a more meaningful place to learn.

I believe in the power of children. I think that kids are able to view life in a way that adults are often too inhibited to understand. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is enlightening and empowering.

I hope that this blog will simply be the start of a new chapter in my educational career, connecting me with new people, an opportunity to share new ideas with others, and a tool to motivate my continued learning.